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The following list contains surnames starting with the letters S - Z.  Click on any surname and you will be taken to the query for that name.

SURNAME, Given name

Location (web page)

SAMUELSSON, Måns Queries 2000
SANBORN Queries 2002
SANDBERG (LAVIN), Eva Lisa Queries 2002
SAUSEN, (Peter) Joseph Queries 96-97
SAUSSER, Faye Queries 2000
SCHIEFELBEIN, Martha Johanna L. (SUCCO) Queries 2002
SCOVILL, Abigail and Charles/Chester Queries 2000
SCOVILL, Charles and Abbey Queries 98
SHAFER, Seth Warren Queries 96-97
SHALEEN or SAMUELSSON or SJÖLIN, John or Johan and Peter, Magnus Queries 2000
SHIPPY, Harold R., Edgar Queries 99
SHOBERG, Florence Queries 99
SILJENDAHL, Clifford Queries 99
SIMON, Francis Queries 2000
SIMON, Josephine E. Queries 2000
SIMON, Maria C. Queries 2000
SIMON, Sophie A. (Sophia) Queries 2000
SJOBERG, Herbert V. (Vernon?), Donald Vernon, Wendell Queries 99
SKEEL, Lewis D. and Carroll Queries 2001
SLATER, Henry Queries 96-97
SMITH, Amil, Charles, Enoch, Esther, Enya Maria, Herman, John, Julius (Jules)  Queries 2000
Smith, Emma and John Queries 98
SMITH, Matthias Queries 96-97
SOKOLIK or SOPOLIK, Anna Queries 2000
SPOHN, Margaret Queries 99
STANTON, Matie Queries 2002
STARK Queries 99
STARK, Gustava Charlotta (BLOMQUIST) Queries 2002
STARK, John and Anna Queries 99
STEWART, Daniel, Mattie Queries 99
STIPES, Branson Queries 2002
STRYCIK (sp), Francis Queries 98
SUCCO, Albert Emil, Martha Johanna L. (SCHIEFELBEIN) Queries 2002
SULLIVAN, Elizabeth Queries 96-97
SULLIVAN, John Walter Queries 99
SUNDEEN, August, Emma, David, Oscar, Theodore, Carl, Joseph, Dorothy Queries 2001
SVENSDOTTOR, Johanna Queries 99
SVENSSON, Frans August Queries 99
SWANSON, Beda Queries 96-97
SWANSON, Lewis, Velma (LEERHOFF) Queries 2002
SWENSON, John Queries 2000
Teeman, Arvid and Alice Queries 99
THOMAS Queries 99
THOMAS, Adah Queries 2000
Thomas, Albert Queries 2000
THOMAS, Albert J. Queries 2000
THOMAS, Arza (Azry) Queries 2000
Thomas, Arza (Arzy) Queries 2000
THOMAS, Josephine Queries 2000
THOMASSON, Anders Queries 98
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Queries 99
THORSANDER, Lars and Ingre Queries 99
Tibbetts, Marry Queries 2000
TOFTNESS Queries 2002
TOMBLER, Mattie STEWART, Charles Queries 99
Tuvey Queries 96-97
Van Dyke, Ray Morton Queries 99
Vidmark, Roy or Howard Roy Queries 2000
Wallace, Lillian Dagmar Danielson Queries 99
WALLMARK, Andrew (Anders Petter), Sophie Queries 98
WALLMARK, Andrew, Peter and Otto Bernhardt Queries 2000
WALSH, James Queries 96-97
WEBB Queries 2002
WEBER, M. Charles, Abner Queries 2000
WEISS, Margaret SPOHN, Frank, Rose, Albert J. Queries 99
WHITMAN Queries 2002
WIBERG, George, Carl Queries 2000
Widmark, Roy or Howard Roy Queries 2000
WILCOX Queries 2002
Wilcox, Royal, Vernon Andrew, Myra Ethlen clover Queries 99
WILKES Queries 2002
WILKES, Albert Charles Queries 2000
Wilkes, Albert Charles Queries 2000
WILLIAMSON, Josie (VAN DYKE) Queries 99
WINSLOW?, Martha Queries 99
WERLIN, Hanna Queries 99
WEST, John Olaf Queries 98
WESTBERG Queries 98
WILLOUGHBY, Bertha Martha ROWE Queries 98
WILKES Queries 99
WISTROM, Erik Reinhold, Carl Axel, Johan Fredrik Queries 96-97
ZACKRISON, Charlotta Larsson, Charles Queries 2001
ZEISMER Queries 99
ZERN, Clara Marie Queries 99

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