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The following list contains surnames starting with the letters A - F.  Click on any surname and you will be taken to the query for that name.

SURNAME, Given name

Location (web page)

ABRAHAMSON, Magnus Queries 99
ADELMAN, Kellen  Queries 96-97
AGRELL, Matilda Queries 99
AGRELL, Matilda, Samuel Queries 2000
ALVIN, Oliver Queries 2000
ANDERSDOTTER, Greta Queries 96-97
ANDERSDOTTER, Margta Queries 99
ANDERSEN, Ellen Queries 99
ANDERSON, Andrew, August Queries 99
ANDERSON, Augusta Sophia Queries 99
ANDERSON, Gustaf Birger Queries 99
Anderson, John, Albert A.(or E.), Helen Delores Morphew, Fred A. and Emma, Edward A. Queries 96-97
ANDERSON, Lena Queries 2001
ANDERSSON-GLAD, Olof Queries 99
ANDERSON, Otto William Queries 96-97
Artig, John  Queries 96-97
BARRINGER Queries 2000
BARTLETT Queries 2002
BAULER Queries 2002
BENGTSON, Lars, Bennett, Alfred Queries 98
BLOMQUIST/BLOOMQUIST, Alma (LINDHOLM, JOHNSON), Anders, Carl Gustaf, Esther, Nils Gustaf Queries 2002
Blomquist/Bloomquist, Anders (Andrew) Queries 99
BLOOMQUIST, August Queries 99
BLOOMQUIST, Carl Gustaf Queries 99
BJORK, Carl Queries 2002
BJORKLUND, Carl August Queries 96-97
BOBERG, Osar Queries 99
BOETGER, Mary Christina Queries 99
BOETGER-REED (DREWS), Mary Christina Queries 2001
BOLDT, Virginia (PALMER) Queries 2001
BOPP Queries 99
BOPP, Mary Catherine Queries 2000
BORG, Hilda Charlotte (JOHNSON), Agda (BRODEEN), Mabel Eisabel (PILQUIST) Queries 99
BOYCE Queries 2002
BOYER, Ernest Queries 96-97
BRACKER, Anna Queries 98
BRENNAN, Edward, Dennis Queries 96-97
BRODEEN, Agda (BORG) Queries 99
BROOKS, Tom Queries 2000
BRUNNSTEDT, Almida Elisabeth Queries 2001
BUDA, Peter Queries 98
BURCHADEAN, Ralph Queries 2000
BURHITE Queries 99
BURNS, David Queries 96-97
BUSH Queries 99
BUSH, Elizabeth FAIRCHILD, Henry Harrison Queries 2000
BUSH, Albert Alexander Queries 99
BUSH, Beulah Queries 99
BUSH, Dr. Henry Harrison and George Washington (son) Queries 98
CARLSON, Alfred Queries 99
CARLSON, Emma, Alfred Queries 2002
CARLSON, John Emil Queries 98
CARLSON, Hanna Queries 99
CARLSON, M. J. Queries 96-97
CARLSON, Oscar Queries 2000
CARLSON, Victor Queries 99
CARLSON, Victor Queries 99
CARTER, Mary Queries 2001
CAYWOOD, Rebecca Queries 99
Caywood, Rebecca Ann Queries 2000
CHRISTOFERSON, Sophia Queries 99
CHRISTOPHERSON, Sophie Queries 99
CLOVER Queries 2002
CLOVER Queries 96-97
CLOVER, Daniel Queries 2000
CLOVER, Daniel Shepard Queries 99
CLOVER, Michael, Jacob, Adam, John Wesley Queries 2000
clover, Myra Ethlen Queries 99
COLWELL, Gardner Bond Queries 2002
COOK, Mary Asnath Queries 2000
DAHL, Emma Queries 2002
DAHLBERG, Victor Queries 99
DAHLSTROM, Hildy(?) Queries 2002
DAHLSTROM, Reuben Queries 2000
DANIELSDOTTER, Emma  Queries 96-97
DANIELSON, Helen Maria, Lillian Dagmar Queries 99
DANIELSON, Olof, Andrew, Daniel, Margaret Queries 96-97
DANIELSSON (RYDEN?), Sven Peter Queries 2000
DAVIS, Margaret SPOHN WEISS Queries 99
DERING, Edward G., Rolland Winslow Queries 99
DOANE, William Queries 2000
DOLL, John Edward Queries 98
DOYLE, Elizabeth Queries 96-97
DREWS, Adolph, Catharina, Elizabeth, Frederick T., Hans, Hans Jr. Queries 2001
DREWS, Fred Queries 2001
DREWS, Mary Christina Queries 99
DUVAL Queries 99
DUVAL, Jacob, Charles Samuel, John Wallace, Samuel, Richard, Mary, Claude Edward Queries 2000
Edstrom, Charles Queries 2000
EKLUND, Charles Anderson & wife Hilda Queries 99
ELIASDOTTER, Johanna Maria Queries 2000
ELIASSON, Sven Gustaf Queries 2000
ELMGREN Queries 98
ELMQUIST Queries 2001
ELMSTRAND (NILSSON), Lydia, Charlie, Gust Queries 2002
ELMUND, Charles, John and Mary, Frank, Elof and Emma Queries 99
ELMUND, Johannes (John) Magnusson, Johanna Maria (Mary) Queries 2000
ENGBERG, Oscar Queries, 2000
ENGREN, Eric Queries 96-97
EPPENBACH, Frank Queries 2002
ERICKSON Queries 2000
FAGERSTROM, Mabel Ernestina, Evangeline, Ruth Ann, Clifford Paul, Phil Queries 2000
FAIRCHILD Queries 99
FAIRCHILD, Elizabeth (BUSH) Queries 2000
FAIRCHILD, Elizabeth Queries 99
FALK, Jonus Peter Queries 98
FALK, Jonas Petter, Andrew Queries 98
Farnell, Emma (Elmund) Queries 99
FARNLOF, Emmanuel Queries 99
FERGUSON, Martha Matilda Queries 2001
FRAHM, Peter Queries 2000
FRIEDL Queryies 2000
FOLSON, Peter Queries 96-97
FORS, Karl (or Carl) Queries 2000
FORSBERG, Nels and Eva, Katie Queries 98
FREDRICKSON, Carl Queries 99
FREDERICKSON, Earl Warren Queries 98
FRIED, Sophie Clara, Ignatz and Theresa Queries 99
FURMAN Queries 2002
Furman, Samuel Amasa, Sarah M. Queries 2000
FURMAN, Sarah Queries 99

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