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The following list contains surnames starting with the letters L - O.  Click on any surname and you will be taken to the query for that name.

SURNAME, Given name

Location (web page)

LA FLEUR, Mildred, Alice (nee Clover) Queries 96-97
LAMMERS, Frederick W. Queries 98
LANGE, Anna (KELLOGG) Queries 2000
LANS Queries 99
LANS Queries 2000
LARSON, Eric Queries 2000
LARSON, Unknown, Laville (LEERHOFF) Queries 2002
LARSTOCKER, Margreta Queries 96-97
LAVIN, Frank (Frans Johanson), Eva Lisa (SANDBERG), Charles and/or David Queries 2002
LEERHOFF, Andrew, Minnie Prange, Heiko Henry, Velma, Laville Queries 2002
LENT Queries 2001
LEROY, Harold R. Queries 99
LIKE, Azel Queries 2000
LINDELOF, Charles Queries 2001
LINDGREN, Mattis Queries 2000
LINDHOLM, Alma Maria Queries 2002
LINDHOLM, Alma Queries 99
LINDQUIST Queries 98
Lindquist, Emma DANIELSDOTTER Queries 96-97
LINDQUIST, Johan Gustaf (JOHANSSON Queries 96-97
LINNELL Queries 99
LINNELL, O. M. Queries 99
LOF, Per Persson, Sigrid Katrina Persdotter Queries 98
LOHMEIER, Harold, Henry Queries 2001
Lomell, Ada & Daniel (JOHNSON) Queries 98
LOMELL, Peter and Marie Queries 99
LONES, Clara ROWE, Blain Queries 98
LONG, Jesse & Ella Marie Queries 99
LORENS, Frank G. Queries 98
Lovgren, Arvid Oscar Queries 96-97
LUKE, Lois Emma Queries 2000
LUKE, Azel, Rebecca CAYWOOD, William, Margaret, Lois Emma Queries 99
LUNDBERG, Sigrid Anette Queries 2000
LUNDQUIST, Daniel Queries 98
LYONS, Adam, Ethel, Harold Queries 96-97
MAGNUSON Queries 99
MAGNUSONQueries 2002
Magnuson, Carl Queries 96-97
MAGNUSON, Gerda Queries 99
MAGNUSSON, Andrew Queries 98
MAGNUSSON, Johan Queries 2000
MAHLEN, Rachel Stanley, Charles W. H. Queries 2002
MALMBERG, Axel and Emelia Queries 98
MÅNSSON, Gustaf Magnus Queries 99
MÅNSSON, MONSON or MONSSON, John or Johannes Queries 2000
MARTENUS, George Queries 2000
Martenus, Marion Queries 2000
MARTINSON, Edna Theresa Queries 2001
MCKAY, Elmer Queries 99
MCKAY, William Queries 96-97
MCKEE, Joseph Queries 2000
MELANDER, Gustaf Queries 2000
MELIN, Charles (Charlie) Elof, Johan and Elin (or Ellen) Queries 99
Melin, Sofie and Charles Queries 99
MIKE, John Queries 2000
MITCHELL, John Queries 2001
MOBECK, Lars Fredrik (Frank) Queries 2000
MOBERG, Carl Queries 99
Montan, Mrs. Otto Queries 99
MUCKENHAUSEN, John Queries 99
MURRAY, Ellen Agnes, James  Queries 96-97
MURPHY, Rose Queries 99
NEBEL, Unknown Queries 2002
NELSON, Charles Arty (Nilsson, Karl Artig) Queries 96-97
NELSON, Elmer Queries 2002
NELSON, Johanna Queries 2000
NELSON, Albert A., Tilly h. Queries 2002
NEWTON, Clair Queries 2000
NICKOLAUSON, Nicholsason, Nickalson, Nicklason Queries 99
NIETLING Queryies 2000
NILSDOTTER, Anna Chrisina Queries 98
NILSDOTTER, Brita Queries 99
NILSSON (ELMSTRAND), Lydia, Charlie, Gust Queries 2002
NILSSON, Elimina, Karl Johan, Matilda, Ingrid, Josefina, Sven Johan Queries 99
NILSSON, Helena Queries 98
NORDSTROM Queries 99
Norelius, Andrew and Eric Queries 96-97
NUMERO, James Queries 96-97
NYSTEDT, Lars Wilhelm Queries 99
OGREN, Albert Queries 2001
OGREN, Sophie, Roy Queries 2000
OKERSTROM, Jean Queries 2000
OLAFSDOTTER, Bengta Queries 96-97
OLAFSSON, Olaf Queries 96-97
OLASDOTTER, Maria Charlotte Queries 2000
O'LEARY Queries 99
OLSDOTTER, Maja Lisa, Lilla Strand Mathilda Queries 96-97
OLSON Queries 99
OLSON Queries 2000
OLSON, Albert Queries 99
OLSON, Emma Queries 2002
OLSON, Ludwig Edward, Abraham Vilhelm, Jan Magnus, Otto, Denis, William Queries 96-97
OLSON, Sophie Queries 2001
OLSSON, Joakim Queries 96-97
OSTERBERG, Arthur Queries 2000

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