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Chisago County, MN

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Posted Queries for the year 1998

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Special posting by Annelie Jonsson on Monday, May 18, 1998
Email: invalid address 8 Aug 2015

The Falbygden's Genealogical Society is looking for persons who emigrated from the parishes around Falkoping, Skaraborg, Sweden. The person's full name, birthday and -place, death date and -place are published in a yearly book. The parishes are: Alse Bjurum, Bolum, Borgunda, Borstig, Brismene, Broddetorp, Brunnhem Dala East Tunhem Falkoping (2 parishes), Fivlered, Floby, Friggeraker Grolanda, Gokhem, Goteve, Gudhem Hakantorp, Hallestad, Hogstena, Hornborga Jala Kalvene, Karleby, Kinneved Luttra Marka, Mularp Nas, North Asarp Satuna, Segerstad, Skorstorp, Slota, Smula, Solberga, Sorby, South Kyrketorp, Stenstorp Tiarp, Torbjorntorp, Travattna Ugglum, Ullene Valtorp, Varkumla, Vartofta-Asaka, Vilske-Kleva, Vistorp Yllestad.  Have also a personal interest as I have found out in my research that a lot of persons in my family emigrated to N America.

BENGTSON, WALLMARK posted by Josh Perry on Tuesday, January 6, 1998
Email: joshperry@earthlink.net

I am looking for any information on the following families: Andrew (Anders Petter) WALLMARK born 1826 in Sweden. He immigrated to Chisago City, MN about 1853. Andrew and his wife Mary (born 1840) had the following children: Sophie (4 Aug 1857), Amanda (1859/60), Alida (1861-1863), Albert (1862/63), George Oscar (4 Feb 1869), and Theodore (Apr 1872). Mary died about 1900 and Andrew died shortly thereafter. Most (or all) of his children remained in Chisago County all of their lives. Lars BENGTSON was born in Sweden about 1826. His wife Sophia Christina was born about 1829. Lars and Sophia immigrated to Chisago County in 1876 with their three children: Bennett (3 Aug 1855), Alfred(2 Feb 1861) and Clara (born about 1864). Bennett BENGTSON married Sophie WALLMARK in 1885. Alfred BENGTSON married Wilhermina about 1888. They all lived in Wyoming,MN.

BRACKER, WEST, WESTBERG posted by Maretta West Scott on Sunday, October 11, 1998
Email: jmscott@ttu.edu

I am looking for information on John Olaf WEST and his wife Anna BRACKER. They had four children Findley, Tracy, Aurelia, and another daughter. John Olaf's brother's name was Axel West. Their father who I have no record of might have changed the family name from WESTBERG. They lived in Fish Lake Township with the closest town being Harris. I would appreciate any information on the West family. Thank You.

BUDA, STRYCIK posted by Don Hurd on Monday, September 7, 1998
Email: DonHurd@prodigy.Net

Looking for information on my Grandparents: Peter BUDA born 1857 in Germany, immigrated in 1881 and Francis STRYCIK (sp) born 1866 in Germany. Married about 1883 and lived in North Branch. Shortly thereafter they moved to St Paul. They were of the Catholic faith. Thank you, Don Hurd

BUSH posted by Dianne L. Bush on Monday, October 5, 1998
Email: ldlbsh@sunlink.net

Dr. Henry Harrison BUSH. Have you heard any information on a young son of his that was supposed to have gone out after the cows, and didn't find them. Returned home only to be told to go back out and don't come back until you find them. The boy never returned home. The next Spring they found his remains by a log. Only some clothing and buttons remained. He froze to death. This is what I was told and they were supposed to be living at Rush City at the time. I believe the boys name may have been George Washington Bush and I think his birth date may have been Aug.24,1855. Now there are conflicting reports on his age. Some have said he was 7 yrs. old and some say he was 15 yrs old when he died. If you can help with this I would be very happy to hear from you. Dr. Bush was my husband's Great Grandfather.

CARLSON posted by Sören Andersson on Sunday, September 20, 1998
Email: sa@sastamps.se

Looking for information on John Emil CARLSON According to "Swedish Place-Names in North America" by Landelius. Carlson was born in Älgarås Sweden 12 Nov 1862, emigrated 1886, was ordained in the Augustana Synod in 1897. After serving in MN OG and KS he died in Center City MN 16 April 1946. He was pastor in the Eden (Valley) Congregation Elgarose Oregon and also postmaster there when the post office opened 28 Jan 1916. What I am interested to know if he also served as a Pastor in the Center City area or even as postmaster. Can the data be confirmed and does he have any living relatives in the area.

DOLL, SLATT posted by N. Douglas Bradley on Tuesday, October 6, 1998
Email: sa@sastamps.se

Looking for information on John Edward DOLL, B. 09 Feb 1896; D. May 76 Married Agnes Elvira SLATT, 20 Nov 1917, Chisago City, MN

EDDY, LONES, ROWE, WILLOUGHBY posted by Aasha Leahy on Sunday, April 19, 1998
Email: blakelya@vt.edu

Looking for information on: Clara ROWE LONES who was born in Lindstrom, Chisago County, MN somewhere between 1880 and 1890. Her sister is my great grandmother, Bertha Martha ROWE WILLOUGHBY. Bertha was born 12 October 1883. Their parents' names are Willard Francis "Frank" ROWE and Sarah Maria EDDY ROWE. Clara was married to Stuart Blain LONES. They resided in Tracy, MN.

ELMGREN posted by Joyce Farruggia on Sunday, April 19, 1998
Email: Invalid email address 9 Aug 2015
Personal Web Page: http://www.northcoast.com/~joyce/

I have quite a bit of information on the ELMGREN and related families from Chisago County. The name database is on my homepage: http://www.northcoast.com/~joyce/.  Folks can then ask for notes and register their lines in my guest book.

FALK posted by Steve Anderson on Saturday, May 16, 1998
Email: sanderson@net999.com

I'm descended from Jonus Peter FALK, b. 1793 Hovmantorp, Sweden d. 1881, buried Glader cemetery. He arrived in MN from Sweden 1861 with two daughters, Eva Charlotte and Hannah Mathilda. I would like any info, or source referrals you can provide. I am looking in particular for copy of now out of print "History of Chisago County", which I'm told includes material on Jonus and other family members. Most other FALK's arriving Chisago in that era were related to Jonus, from Hovmantorp.  Regards...

FALK posted by Sandy Hjelmberg. on Saturday, May 16, 1998
Email: sandyj@aol.com

Looking for information about the children of Jonas Petter FALK. History of Chisago County indicates that Andrew Falk (b.1847 d. 1896) may have been his son. Andrew married Emma Smith daughter of John Smith. I believe Andrew to be part of a different Falk family but because of the confusing name changes need information confirming that he is not the son of Jonas. Andrew was my great grandfather. Any information is appreciated.

FORSBERG posted by Duane Buringrud on Friday, August 14, 1998
Email: DuaneB7550@aol.com

I am looking for Swedish origins of Nels and Eva FORSBERG. Nels killed June 19,1875. Eva and children listed in 1880 census for Fish Lakes, Minnesota. I am unable to find Eva and children after 1880. Are there newspaper or police archives regarding the death of Nels? Emigrated from Sweden 1870 but not on passenger lists or Swedish Emigration Index. Katie Forsberg, oldest daughter, my great grandmother.

FREDERICKSON posted by FROSTY on Saturday, May 16, 1998
Email: FROSTYRR71@aol.com

I am looking for a buddies family who lived in Shafer, Minn. We were in Vietnam together. His name was Earl Warren FREDERICKSON. We were on PBRs (riverboats) together. He was the forward gunner, I was the aft gunner. Unfortunately he was killed and I lived. I need to get in touch with his family. It has taken me over 25 years to do this if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.  Peace to all of you!

HANSON posted by Gary C. Kindt, MD on Sunday, April 5, 1998
Email: gkindt@d.umn.edu

I am trying to find information about a George Edward HANSON supposedly born in Taylors Falls, MN in either 1901 or 1902. He is listed as my mother's birthfather on her birth certificate (she was adopted). Do you have any suggestions as to how I could further research whether someone by this name lived in Chisago county?

HUNT, HURD posted by Pat Rooney on Sunday, October 11, 1998
Email: proones@aol.com

Searching for the HUNT and HURD families who lived near Sunrise from 1856 until 1870 when they moved on to Todd County. Family members included: William, Lucy, Levi, Ercilla, Sanford, Edward and Adelbert HURD and Calvin and Lydia HUNT. Thanks!

JOHNSON, LORENS, PETERSON posted by Lorens E. Johnson on Sunday, January 25, 1998
Email: Lorens@writeme.com

Looking for information on: JOHNSON, Lorens - Homesteaded S.E. of So. Center Lake 1852 LORENS, Frank G. - Businessman, Center City, MN, son of Lorens Johnson PETERSON, Solomon, Nellie - Businessman Center City son of C. A. Peterson Vasa, MN PETERSON, Nellie - wife of Frank G. Lorens.

JOHNSON posted by Clare M Morgan Heupel on Monday, September 7, 1998
Email: Duluthusa@aol.com
Personal Web Page: www.familytreemaker.com/users/m/o/r/Clare-M-Morgan-heupel

I am looking for information on the family of my great grandparents, Daniel & Ada (Lomell) JOHNSON. They had 6 children. Eva, Daniel, Ida, Edythe, Jessie, Grace. My grandmother was Edythe born in 1903. She taught country school for a time, I assume in that area. They lived (farmed) on Rush Lake (Rush Point). Daniel & Ada and other relatives are buried at the Lutheran church cemetery at Rush Point I believe. I would appreciate any information at all, church records, land records, other relatives, histories, etc. or any other information. I have been unable to locate anything. Thank you very much!

LAMMERS, NILSSON posted by Donald L. Hendrix on Monday, September 7, 1998
Email: dhendrix@ix.netcom.com

Looking for information on the family of Frederick W. LAMMERS and his wife, Helena NILSSON. Frederick was an early settler of Chisago Co., settling in Taylors Falls in the summer of 1844. He and his wife lived in Taylors Falls until approximately 1864, when they moved to Marine on St. Croix. They had a total of 15 children, of which at least 7 were born in Taylors falls. Some members of this family were in the lumber business.

LINDQUIST, MALMBERG posted by Karen Lemes on Tuesday, January 6, 1998
Email: karenlemes@earthlink.net

What town in Sweden did the Axel MALMBERGs emigrate from? Axel (1874-1962) and Emelia (1876-1952) are buried in Chisago city. Were they related to the LINDQUISTs?

LOF, LUNDQUIST, NILSDOTTER, THOMASSON posted by Pam Lyons on Sunday, September 20, 1998
Email: plyons@pobox.com

Looking for information on the descendants of Per Persson LOF who settled in Fish Lake, MN. He had 3 daughters: Ingrid Margreta who was married to Daniel LUNDQUIST and moved to Isanti, MN. Sigrid Katrina Persdotter Lof b.Dec. 13, 1824 married to Anders THOMASSON and Anna Chrisina NILSDOTTER b. June 12, 1820.

MAGNUSSON posted by Daniel Wieland on Monday, March 9, 1998
Email: Dfh402@aol.com

Any connection with Andrew MAGNUSSON (b. 12 October 1847, Hemmesjö, d. 18 December 1906, Stillwater)?

PELCHER, PELOQUIN posted by Wayne Marrier on Friday, August 14, 1998

We are interested in obtaining information on a Prisque PELOQUIN and Eleanor PELCHER who lived in the Centerville area in the 1860's to at least late 1890's.

PERSON posted by KelSierra on Sunday, January 18, 1998
Email: KelSierra@aol.com

Looking for information on the PERSON family murders in Chisago County (Shafer) on March 1, 1957.

SCOVILL posted by Chuck Rose on Saturday, May 16, 1998
Email: lalmanor@pacbell.net

I am looking for the surname SCOVILL. Charles and Abbey in ca 1885.

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