Surnames G-K
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The following list contains surnames starting with the letters G - K.  Click on any surname and you will be taken to the query for that name.

SURNAME, Given name

Location (web page)
GAMER, George Earl Queries 2002
GARDNER, James, Ruth Queries 96-97
GERBER, Clarence C. Queries 2000
GJERSING, Nellie Violet Queries 2001
GRAHAM, Clara WIBERG Queries 2000
GRANT, Edith Hortense, Jeannette and Roswell Queries 2001
GRELL, Emma (RUMPEL) Queries 2002
GRUBBS Queries 2002
GUMMERSON, Magnus Queries 96-97
GUNDERSEN, Hilda (FARNLOF) Queries 99
GUNIA (also see Jana or Janu) Queries 2000
GUSTAFSON, Meland Queries 2000
HAKANSON, Johanna Marie or Mary, Johanna and Sven Queries 2000
HAKANSON / HOKANSON , Christina (JOHNSON?), Johan or John, Lisa, Louisa Queries 2001
HAKANSSON, Sven Queries 99
HAKANSSON, Sven Queries 2000
HALL, Raymond Queries 99
HAMBLIN, Mary Jane Queries 2000
HANSON, George Edward Queries 98
HARAPAT, Charles Queries 2002
HARDIN Queries 2002
HARNESS Queries 2000
HARTZ, Frederick Queries 2002
HARY, Martin Queries 2001
HENDRICKSON, Carl Alfred, Charles, Hilda, George, Arthur, Lilly, Frances Queries 2002
HENDRICKSON, Enga Queries 2001
HENRIKSON, Karl Alfred Queries 2002
HOKANSON, Johanna Mary, Sven Viktor HjilmerHOKANSON, Johanna Svensdotter Queries 99
Hokanson, Sven P., Victor Hjilmer, Johanna Marie Queries 2000
HOLMAN, Reuben, Addie BURHITE Queries 99
HOLMBERG, Charles (Karl?), Esther Queries 2002
HOLMGREN, Ingebord Queries 2001
HULT / HOLT , Carl A., Isaac Queries 2001
HUNT, Calvin and Lydia Queries 98
HURD, William, Lucy, Levi, Ercilla, Sanford, Edward and Adelbert  Queries 98
HURLEY, John N., Floyd W. Queries 2002
JANA or JANU or GUNIA, Frank, Katerina (Katie) Queries 2000
JANSON, Karl Alfred Queries 2002
JEWELL Queries 2000
JEWELL, Levi Sr., Levi Jr. Queries 99
JOHANSDOTTER, John Peter and Anna K. Queries 99
JOHANSDOTTER, Josefina Maria Queries 2001
JOHANSSON, Eberhard Queries 2000
JOHANSSON (LINDQUIST), Johan Gustaf Queries 96-97
Johannson?, (Mrs. Sjoberg) Queries 99
JOHNSON Queries 99
JOHNSON Queries 99
JOHNSON Queries 2000
JOHNSON, Alma Louise, John A. and Christine C., Albin, Agnes Queries 99
JOHNSON, Axel John Frederick, Doris Marion, Marjorie Jean, Shirley Ann Queries 2001
JOHNSON, Carl Oscar and Anna Elizabeth Queries 99
JOHNSON, Caroline Queries 96-97
JOHNSON, Christina (HAKANSON) Queries 2001
JOHNSON, Daniel & Ada (Lomell) Queries 98
JOHNSON, John Magnus Queries 96-97
JOHNSON(?), Katrina Queries 96-97
JOHNSON, K. O. Queries 96-97
JOHNSON, Lorens Queries 98
JOHNSON, Magnus Queries 2000
JOHNSON, Martin Queries 99
JOHNSON, Mary, Ole Queries 2001
JOHNSON, Peter Queries 99
JOHNSON / JONSSON, Peter and Anna Queries 2002
JONASSON, Elias Queries 2000
JONES Queries 99
JONES, Mary Allice, Francis B. Queries 2000
KAHBAKONG Cemetery Queries2001
KARLSSON, Karl Alfrid Queries 99
KELLOGG, Anna (LANGE), Ronni Edward Queries 2000
KINNEY, Stephen(Steven) Edward Queries 96-97
KLINKE, Edna Queries 99
KLOTZ, Rose WEISS Queries 99
KOBERSTEIN, Albert Queries 96-97
KOLRUD, Elna Jonsdatter Queries 96-97
KUNZER Queries 2000

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