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Chisago County, MN

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Posted Queries for the year 2002

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BJORK posted by Art Johnson on Saturday, June 1, 2002
Email: howeart@worldnet.att.net

Carl Bjork, Wyoming Twp, Chisago Cty., arrived from Sweden 1863; died 1913. Member of Swedish (Zion) Lutheran Church.

BOYCE, CLOVER, FURMAN, REED, WILCOX, WILKES posted by Heidi Ann Pfannschmidt on Sunday, April 7, 2002
Email: invalid email 8 Aug 2015
My names I am researching are


CARLSON, DAHL, OLSON posted by Diane Lancaster-Lovejoy on Tuesday, March 26, 2002
Email: dllovejoy@sc.rr.com

Looking for information on Emma (maiden name unknown) Olson/Dahl/Carlson.  She was married to a DAHL who died while she was pregnant with my grandfather.  She married a CARLSON who adopted my grandfather giving him the last name CARLSON.  His first name was Alfred and he was born January 14, 1905.  I would love any info on any of these people.  As far as I know, they were all of Swedish descent.

COLWELL posted by Sam Anderson on Tuesday, February 5, 2002
Email: sam.vicki.anderson@worldnet.att.net

My GGGrandfather (Gardner Bond COLWELL) was born in NY 11/10/1828 and died/buried in Sunrise MN. I'm trying to find a Obit or death record identifying his parents. I've found him in the 1880 census in Sunrise. I'm in Dayton Ohio which creates some difficulty in locating additional information. Perhaps you can help me or give me some further ideas on how to proceed. I went through the Chisago county genealogy pages and didn't find anything.
Thanks Sam

ELMSTRAND, NILSSON posted by Annette on Saturday, July 13, 2002
Email: Annette.M.Leaf@wellsfargo.com

Hej! I am at the very beginning of an ancestry search on behalf of my grandmother, whose maiden name is Lydia ELMSTRAND. She mentioned that the ELMSTRAND name was "NILSSON" (unsure of spelling), before some of the family members moved here. She mentioned a Charlie ELMSTRAND, who came from somewhere in Småland, and his brother "Gust" whom she thinks is still somewhere in Sweden. My grandmother, Lydia ELMSTRAND (maiden name), was born and raised in Chisago County. She married in Isanti County. I will have more information of her brothers/sisters/parents soon.
I will be getting more exact information soon, but if anyone as some information, feel free to e-mail me. Thanks!

EPPENBACH, STANTON posted by AL EPPENBAUGH on Monday, May 27, 2002
Email: adei10@aol.com

Frank EPPENBACH Born 6-12-1871 in Chisago County. Married Matie STANTON.

GAMER, HARAPAT posted by Chuckie B on Monday, May 13, 2002
Email: Chuckieblaney@alumnae.mtholyoke.edu

Seeking address (snail and or e-mail) for contacting KAHBAKONG CEMETERY in order to obtain cemetery records.
Seeking information about or contact with George Earl GAMER family. George E. and his wife Neva died in 1965. Known children: Jack Albert GAMER, Fern L. GAMER (md. Charles HARAPAT) and infant George E. GAMER Jr. (b. and d. 1921). Family lived in Taylors Falls, Chisago Co.

posted by Donna Whitman & Richard Toftness on Friday, April 26. 2002
Email: R_TOFTNESS@msn.com

I am researching the Frederick HARTZ family who farmed near Rush Lake. I have been told that the family is buried in 'one of those old farm cemeteries' and it may have the word Gethsemane in the name. Does anyone know of a location for an old cemetery by this name in the Rush Lake area?
Researching: Toftness, Bartlett, Whitman, Grubbs, Hardin, Webb, Sanborn, Pusey, Bauler, Hartz
Donna Whitman
Richard Toftness
4710 Bonnell Drive
Loveland, CO 80537

HENDRICKSON, HENRIKSON, JANSON posted by Karen Holmberg on Tuesday, May 28, 2002
Email: KarenJean@Prodigy.net

Carl Alfred HENDRICKSON (aka Charles Hendrickson; aka Karl Alfred Henrikson; aka Karl Alfred Janson) born Dalsland, Sweden, immigrated 1888, filed intention for naturalization 28 Oct 1890 in Chisago, MN Circuit court.  He had two children born in Minnesota (by wife Hilda who was also from Sweden).  George Hendrickson b. 1893 MN; Arthur Hendrickson b. 1895 MN.  Two daughters were reportedly born in Wisconsin; Lilly Hendrickson b. 1898 WI; Frances Hendrickson b. 1900 WI.
Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has any information on this family.  The family lived in Grantsburg, WI 1900-1905 censuses.  After that time, I can find no trace of any member of the family.  I have an old letter stating Charles may have been killed in a train crash in St. Louis.  When?  What happened to the rest of the family?  Would appreciate any help.  Charles / Karl was my father's uncle.

HOLMBERG, DAHLSTROM, NELSON posted by David L. Nelson on Tuesday, June 4, 2002
Email: invalid email 8 Aug 2015

I am seeking information about Charles (perhaps born Karl) HOLMBERG, who emigrated from Sweden. We believe his wife's name was (Hildy??) DAHLSTROM, and their daughters included Esther HOLMBERG (born approximately 1900), who married Elmer NELSON. Esther and Elmer lived in Center City prior to moving to Minneapolis.

HURLEY posted by Micheele on Monday, June 17, 2002
Email: mickeyg55@webtv.net

Ok, I am having a problem here and hope someone can help me..here goes: I am seeking information about a John N. HURLEY who purchased land in Linwood Twp. in 1888.  This could be my great grandfather, not sure though.  My grandfather's name is Floyd W. HURLEY (b) 9 June 1894 (d) Nov. 1964. What I know is that John HURLEY like I said before purchased land in Linwood Twp and I believe that would be Chisago County.  The HURLEYs came from Ireland.  I really need some help here. Thanks so much. Micheele

JOHNSON / JONSSON posted by Lois Johnson on Sunday, August 18, 2002

I am looking for info on Peter and Anna JOHNSON (JONSSON) who arrived in the USA in 1868 and settled in Chisago County, Minnesota. I would like to know the name of the ship they arrived on, etc. Thank you!

LAVIN, SANDBERG posted by Janet Schmidt on Friday, February 21, 2002
Email: jayjanetschmidt@hotmail.com

Looking for information on Frank LAVIN (Frans Johanson) and Eva Lisa SANDBERG (his wife) who lived in Chisago County, Franconia, MN, from about 1875 until their deaths in March of 1927 in Taylors Falls.

LEERHOFF, LARSON, SWANSON posted by Deb on Wednesday, July 24, 2002
Email: deborah21154@yahoo.com

I’m seeking any information about and for descendents of Andrew LEERHOFF and Minnie Prange LEERHOFF.  Andrew was the brother of my grandfather Heiko Henry LEERHOFF of Allison, Butler Co. Iowa.  Andrew and Minnie moved to Rush City, MN in 1912 and resided there the rest of their lives.  Andrew died in 1952. Minnie died in 1959 and is buried in First Lutheran cemetery in Rush City.  Andrew and Minnie had two daughters.  Velma LEERHOFF - SWANSON who married Lewis SWANSON and Laville LEERHOFF who married an unknown LARSON.
Velma LEERHOFF SWANSON -- b. 5 Nov 1902 d. 8 Apr 1992 resided in Rush City, MN.
Laville LEERHOFF LARSON -- b. 2 Dec 1900 d. Dec 1977 resided in Duluth, MN.

LINDHOLM, BLOMQUIST, JOHNSON, STARK posted by Carl C. Bloomquist on Monday, July 15, 2002
Email: ccbfrw@earthlink.net

I am searching for information on ancestors, relatives, siblings, etc., of my paternal grandmother, Alma Maria LINDHOLM.  Alma was first married to my grandfather, Anders / Andrew BLOMQUIST in Chisago County.  Alma and Anders had 4 children; Wenzel, Ragnar, Carl Gustaf (my father) and Esther.  This marriage broke up around 1893.  Alma was living in Clallam Bay, Washington State at the time.  She returned to Harris when she left Anders and lived for a while with Nils Gustaf and Gustava Charlotta (STARK) BLOMQUIST.  Alma subsequently married Peter JOHNSON.  Alma and Peter had one child; Ruth. This marriage broke up around 1925.  Alma then moved to Hutchinson, MN and lived with her daughter Esther and son Carl Gustaf BLOOMQUIST until she died in 1942.
Alma's obituary in the Hutchinson Leader lists the following information: Mrs. JOHNSON (Alma) was 75 years of age when she died.  She was born Jun 8, 1867, in Värmland, Sweden, and grew to young womanhood there, immigrating to the United States at the age of nineteen.  Alma spent some time in Brooklyn before coming west.  At the time of Alma's death (1942), one sister named Ellen was still living in Sweden. Two brothers who lived in Michigan and one sister who lived in Eau Clair, Wis., preceded her in death.  Other than Ellen, none of Alma's sibling's names are known.

Thank you!

MAGNUSON posted by Jane Worley on Tuesday, July 9, 2002
Email: jworley@chartermi.net

MAGNUSON, Taylors Falls, MN from 1918 on; also Grove City and Franconia, MN. Originally from Smaland, Sweden.

MAHLEN posted by Arnold Scheer on Tuesday, June 18, 2002
Email: ArnoldScheer@estreet.com

Rachel Stanley MAHLEN, (b. ? d. ca 1930) died in Danbury, Burnett Co., WI. Husband: Charles W. H. MAHLEN. Buried somewhere in Rush City, MN. Would like name of cemetery and dates for Rachel MAHLEN and any other MAHLENs there.

NELSON posted by Leonard Nelson on Thursday, January 17, 2002
Email: lnl@pacifier.com

I am looking for the burial site of my grandfather, Albert A. NELSON 1884-1957 who lived in Chisago City. His wife, Tilly H. NELSON 1887-1919 is buried beside him. I have a photograph of the grave sites. I believe they are buried in the Chisago City area as my deceased father traveled there to take these photographs. Any assistance in locating these gravesites is greatly appreciated.
Leonard Nelson, P.O. Box 482, Ilwaco, WA 98624


POSTON, RASSAT, STIPES posted by Daniel Olson on Wednesday, January 30, 2002
Email: wumpp@msn.com

Looking for information on Branson STIPES, his wife Eliza POSTON and their children including their daughter (my gggm) Mary Henrietta b. 1870 (?) in Chisago or Washington Co. and m. Charles RASSAT. Washington County has no record of Mary's birth. 1870 fed census index MN p. 659 shows family in Wyoming Township, Chisago County. Any info or help will be appreciated. Will reciprocate for Dane County, Wisconsin. Thanks. 
Daniel Olson wumpp@msn.com


RUMPEL, GRELL, NEBEL posted by Jerry Johnson on Saturday, May 18, 2002
Email: Geraldjohnson369@aol.com

Greetings, My relatives and I are looking for the birth record of my grandmother, Emma Wilhelmina RUMPEL. She was born, we're pretty sure, in Chisago County and was raised as Emma GRELL although her father's name was NEBEL and he had a store in Danewood MN just east of Braham at the time. His first name is unknown to us. Her birth date was 21 April 1893. My cousin and I have tried to find a record in both Chisago County as well as in Isanti County to no avail. Perhaps you can give me some advice as to how to go about searching for her birth record. She is buried at the East Rush Lake cemetery in Chisago County.
Thank you for any help that you can give us.
Jerry Johnson
26406 Finley Ave
Wyoming MN 55092 9056

SUCCO, SCHIEFELBEIN posted by James Schiefelbein on Tuesday, June 25, 2002
Email: jschief@hotmail.com

I am looking for information on Albert Emil SUCCO, his wife Martha Johanna L. SUCCO (nee SCHIEFELBEIN) and any of theIr children. Children that are known of are Julius, Harry and Arthur. any information on any of these or relations would greatly be appreciated. Both Albert and Martha were in MN after 1891, should be in Chisago Co.
Thanks James

Tigerian yearbooks posted by nanikin@charter.net on Friday, May 31, 2002
Email: nanikin@charter.net

I have Tigerian yearbooks from Rush City High School, dating from 1957-1969 inclusive.

Update 8/6/2002: Yearbooks 1963, 1965 and 1965 have been sold for the cost of shipping.  All others are still available.

One has a bad binding and another has a divot on the cover; the rest are in good to excellent shape.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in receiving these yearbooks, please let me know. I'd be willing to donate them to any interested party for the cost of shipping.


Posted by Judy Billmark on Monday November, 11, 2002 Email:  judybillmark@shaw.ca

Looking for information / connection with descendants of Donald MCKAY and Alexandria (LEXY) FINLAYSON. I believe they died in 1931 in Rush City, MN. Donald McKay was a brother to my gr grandfather John McKay.

Posted by Derek K. Engelen on Monday November 11, 2002.  Email: mailto: dkengelen@fdm-online.com

I am looking for death/obit information on Carl A. Norman and family who lived in Rush City during the 1920s and 1930s. Wife was Hilda Marie (Johnson) and children included Ruth, Carl, Astrid, Eunice, Bernelle and Phyllis.  Carl is believed to have died in 1956 and be buried in the First Lutheran Cemetery in Rush City.  Any information would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.

Posted by Jerry Nord on Thursday November 14, 2002. Email: lnord@paulbunyan.net

Would like to find information on the following.  Fish Lake Luth.Church and The Fish Lake Bapt.Church Harris chisago Co.Mn.  I have a book with inscription showing my mothers name and a Rev.Enkstrom.  Any info would be appreciated.

Posted by Randall Squier on Sunday November 24, 2002.  Email: Thesquierfamily@aol.com

Request:  Information on Gideon Lyman SQUIER. Probably spelled SQUIRE(S).  Lived in Chisago County when enlisted in 1st Minnestoa, company C in May 1861.  Occupation most likely lumberjack or lumber industry.  Pretty sure he did not return to Mn. after being wounded at Gettysburg. Married and resided in Nicohlson, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania until death in 1912.  Thank you, Randall Squier; www.thesquierfamily@aol.com

Posted by Michael COUTURE on Friday December 13, 2002.  Email: fatherminion@msn.com

I am looking for information concerning genealogy of John Harrick ENGELMAN and spouse Caroline both deceased. Formerly Long time Chisago County residents. Last know address route #1, box 89 ab / Harris, MN.  John died aprox. (1994 to 1996) Caroline aprox. (1988 to 1991).  Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Respectfully, Michael Couture

Posted by Michael COUTURE on Friday December 13, 2002.  Email: Lavonne Peterson

I am looking for a birthdate for walter JOHNSON ( his father was august) probably born around 1880's.  Im also trying to find the fathers first name of Effie, adeline & edgar JOHNSON. I found a kajsa JOHNSON who died 8/17/1925 but i do not have acess to death certificates since i moved from St. Paul. The wifes name "might" have been anna? They all lived in Chisago City back in the 1880's to early 1900. I know this is not very good information to go on . I am not in the area to do my own checking now that i have moved.  LaVonne

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