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The following list contains surnames starting with the letters P - R.  Click on any surname and you will be taken to the query for that name.

SURNAME, Given name

Location (web page)

PALMER, Virginia (BOLDT), Irving Queries 2001
PAQUETTE, Ovila, Florence Queries 2001
PARRISH Queries 99
PARRISH, Henry Queries 99
PARRISH, Lillian Violetta, Henry, Orris, Fielder Queries 2000
Parrish, Orris, Fielding, Elizabeth Fairchild, Henry Queries 99
PEARSON, Josephine Charlotte, Carl Gustav and Carrie Queries 96-97
PEHRSDOTTER, Märta Cajsa Queries 2000
Pehrsson, Tufve and Nels Queries 96-97
PELCHER, Eleanor Queries 98
PELOQUIN, Prisque Queries 98
PERSDOTTER, Helena Queries 96-97
PERSON Queries 98
PETERSDOTTER, Christina, Ingrid Queries 2000
PETERSON, Andrew Queries 96-97
PETERSON, Audie Queries 2000
PETERSON, Lorens Johnson, C.A., Nellie Queries 98
PETERSON, Hans Queries 99
Peterson, Mrs. Walter Queries 99
PETTERSSON, Olaf Queries 96-97
PILQUIST, Andrew and Ellen Queries 99
PILQUIST, Mabel Eisabel (BORG) Queries 99
POSTON, Eliza, Mary Henrietta Queries 2002
PUSEY Queries 2002
QUESNEL, Calixte Queries 2000
QUINN, George Queries 2001
RASSAT, Charles Queries 2002
REED Queries 2002
REED Queries 2000
REED Queries 99
REED, August Queries 99
REED, August Queries 99
REYNOLDS, John and Phebe Queries 99
ROWE, Willard Francis "Frank", Sarah Maria EDDY Queries 98
RUMPEL, Emma Wilhelmina (GRELL) Queries 2002
Rutstrom, Christine, Andrew (?), Carolina (Lena), John Anna Queries 96-97
RYDEN (DANIELSSON?), Sven Peter Queries 2000

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