Queries 1996 & 1997
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Chisago County, MN

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Posted Queries for the years 1996 thru 1997

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Special posting by Kjell Nordqvist of Sweden on Thursday, September 25, 1997
Email: kjell.nordqvist@telia.com

We think the following appeal may be of interest to emigrant descendants in Chisago as people from our area seem to have settled there. Karlskoga Does this name sound familiar to you? Karlskoga is a Swedish city (32000 inh.) about halfway between Stockholm and Oslo. More than 5000 people emigrated from here to America between 1849 (the gold rush in California) and 1935. Our Heritage Society has an emigrant section in its archives, and we are steadily working with emigrant research. If you happen to have roots here, please let us hear from you. Write to Hembygdsf/reningen, Torget 10, 691 31 Karlskoga, or send e-mail to kjell.nordqvist@telia.com We will be thrilled to hear the story of your emigrated ancestors and get copies of obituaries, citizenship papers, travel documents, pictures etc. for our emigrant records. In return we are willing to send you material from our archives that may be of interest to you.

ADELMAN, SLATER posted by Randall J. Slater on Sunday, November 10, 1996
Email: RSlater215@aol.com

I'm doing family history research and need your help. I am looking for marriage information on a Henry SLATER. Henry Slater is my great great grandfather. Henry Slater's last name could have been spelled "Schluter". He was married in Chisago County in January, 1884, to a Kellen ADELMAN. I need to know what day in January they were married. The name of the church and the priest if possible. I don't know for sure, but it could be a Catholic church. Any information on the marriage would be greatly appreciated. Also if you can find me any information on Kellen Adelman is greatly needed. If possible can you send me copies of any documents you find. If there is any fee for doing the research, please let me know. E-Mail me, or call me at home. Phone # (605) 528-3131.

ANDERSDOTTER, CARLSON, JOHNSON, OLSDOTTER, OLSON, PETTERSSON, RUDSTRÖM posted by Terry & Teri Cleaveland on Monday, June 2, 1997
Email: CATHnJOHN@aol.com

Olaf PETTERSSON b. 14 Dec 1827, Stora Strand, N"ssemark, d. 21 Dec 1869 m: Maja Greta ANDERSDOTTER B. 25 Sep 1827 Torrskog d. 29 Nov 1927 Children: Maja Lisa OLSDOTTER b. 12 Jun 1853 Lilla Strand Mathilda OLSDOTTER b. 13 Oct 1854 Jaren, N"ssemark d. 20 May 1929 B.C. Canada Joakim OLSSON b. 19 Sep 1856 Jaren, d. 7 Jan 1942 Ludwig Edward OLSON b.10 Jan 1859 Lilla Strand went to USA 1885 Abraham Vilhelm OLSON b. 9 Dec 1860 Stora Strand m: Christine RutstrOm Jan Magnus OLSON b. 17 Feb 1863 Stora Strand went to USA 1888 Otto OLSON b. 16 May 1866 Stora Strand went to USA 1886 Denis OLSON b. 30 Mar 1869 Stora Strand went to USA 1891 It is believed that Ludwig, Abraham, Otto and Denis all went to Minnesota. I know that several were in Isanti county. I believe that descendants of either or both Otto and Denis still live in North Branch. Abraham OLSON arrived in USA 28 May 1887. He married Christine RUTSTROM at Cambridge, MN on 5 Dec 1890. Their first child was William OLSON born 21 Nov 1891 Christine's parents lived with Abraham and Christine for several years, until their death. Andrew (?) RUTSTROM married a Katrina JOHNSON(?). They had at least three girls: Do not know birth order. Christine RUTSTROM b. 10 Dec 1870 m: 5 Dec 1890 Abraham Vilhelm OLSON. Abraham OLSON arrived in USA 28 May 1887. He married Christine RUTSTROM at Cambridge, MN on 5 Dec 1890. Their first child was William OLSON born 21 Nov 1891. Christine's parents lived with Abraham and Christine for several years, until their death. Carolina (Lena) RUTSTROM M. J. CARLSON (Abraham OLSON and CARLSON families moved to Montana in 1908: Anna, Myrtle, Esther, Victor, Carl, Lily, Alma, John Anna RUTSTROM: Judith, Edwin, Paul, Fred, Mamie, Tenney, Alma (?) died young Any help would be appreciated.

ANDERSON posted by f martin on Friday, June 20, 1997
Email: fmartin@magic.net

I am looking for Frederic John Anderson, born 3 Feb, 1926 in Chicago, Illinois. Later lived in Rush City, MN, Chisago County, with parents, Albert A.(or E.) ANDERSON and Helen Delores Morphew Anderson. Great grandparents were Fred A.and Emma Anderson of Rush City. Had aunts and uncles in Rush City named Henry A., Minnie E., and Edward A. Anderson. Last known of in Navy in Anacortes, WA in 1947. Any help in locating info on any of these would be welcomed.

ANDERSON, PEARSON posted by Donna L.Yates on Saturday, April 26, 1997
Email: richardyates@worldnet.att.net

I am looking for the parents and birth place of Josephine Charlotte PEARSON, said to have been born ca 1 Feb 1860 in Chisago Co., MN, possibly Center City. Her parents may have been Carl Gustav and Carrie (surname unknown) PEARSON. Josephine died 23 Aug 1928, Minneapolis, MN. She married Otto William ANDERSON (born Sweden, 1861; death date & place unknown.)

BJORKLUND, WISTROM posted by Gunnar Axell on Monday, March 3, 1997
Email: gunnar.axell@norrkoping.mail.telia.com

Erik Reinhold WISTROM born June 16, 1868 and his cousin Carl Axel WISTROM born July 13, 1858 in Orsa, Dalacarlia Sweden departed Gothenburg in Sweden May 9, 1893 with S/S Cameo via Grimsby- Liverpool in England. On the same ship traveled further 15 persons from Orsa and all of them should go to Harris, Minnesota. (Among them: families with the name ERSON-RASK -10 persons, NORD and NORBERG). Six years earlier Erik Reinhold's brother Johan Fredrik WISTROM born Dec.16, 1860 and a relative to him Carl August BJORKLUND born in 1860 both in Orsa, Sweden went to North-America September 23, 1887. They left Gothenburg with S/S Romeo via Hull-Liverpool in England with nine other inhabitents of Orsa and they all wanted to go to Chisago (can possibly been Chicago - indistinct passenger- list). I should be very much grateful if somebody want to help me with information about Wistroms or Bjorklund. Thank you!

BOYER, BURNS, ENGREN, FOLSON, JOHNSON, NELSON, NUMERO, WALSH posted by Earl Patterson on Sunday, February 16, 1997
Email: earl@cncnet.com

I have been searching over 20 years for the birth place of my Grandfather Charles Arty NELSON (Karl Artig Nilsson) in Smaland, Sweden (Kronoberg Lan). All the census and his civil war records give as birthplace is Smaland. He and Carl Magnuson came to Kandiyohi Co., in1859 from Chisago Co. I believe the John Artig family of Chisago Co., are related. If any one has info on any of the following names I would be glad to share what I have on them, including the above. Peter FOLSON, Eric ENGREN, Ernest BOYER, David BURNS, K.O. JOHNSON, James NUMERO and James WALSH. Thank You.

BRENNAN, SULLIVAN posted by Traycey Ebert on Tuesday, August 19, 1997
Email: invalid email 8 Aug 2015

I am looking for any information on my ggrandfather and his parents. My ggrandfathers name was Edward BRENNAN born 10-11-1891 in Hinckley, MN. He died 5-4-1928 and believe he is buried in the Rush City cemetery. His parents names were Elizabeth SULLIVAN and Dennis Brennan and I believe they were married in Hinckley.

CLOVER, KOBERSTEIN posted by Terry Koberstein on Tuesday, October 7, 1997
Email: koberstein@compuserve.com

Looking for information about the KOBERSTEIN surname. My grandfather Albert KOBERSTEIN was born in Lincoln county, MN and the family had lived in Goodhue county before that. Now for the connection, he married in Oregon Mildred LA FLEUR, a daughter of Alice LA FLEUR (nee CLOVER), born in Sunrise and married and died in Harris, Chisago county, MN. It seems probable there was some family connection while they were so close in Minnesota that led to the marriage in Oregon. Any ideas?

DANIELSDOTTER, DANIELSON, JOHANSSON, LINDQUIST, NILSDOTTER posted by Karen Lemes on Thursday, October 30, 1997
Email: karenlemes@earthlink.net

I have just spent the afternoon inputing data I found last fall at Zion Lutheran church in my research article on the Johan Gustaf (JOHANSSON) LINDQUIST (1847-1913) family which arrived from Granhult 1881-1882 in Chisago city. I will be returning Monday, Sept 29, 1997 to do more searching, especially for Johan's wife Emma DANIELSDOTTER Lindquist's (1851-1933) brother Nils Johan DANIELSON (Aug 15, 1855- ). Nils and Emma's parents Daniel JOHANSSON (1824-1900) and Maria NILSDOTTER JOHANSSON (1814-1898)were members of Zion Lutheran church. Any suggestions you can give me, or please add me to your list of those searching.

Email: MMurphy@plazma.net

Looking for any information regarding Halsingland, Sweden immigrants 1850-1869, who may have settled in Chisago first, then onto Isanti & Cambridge & Hennipin County. Olof DANIELSON & wife Margreta LARSTOCKER, son Andrew Danielson. Daniel Danielson & wife Helena PERSDOTTER, daughter Margaret Danielson. Bengta OLAFSDOTTER (Kirrstorp, Sweden), husband Olaf OLAFSSON & son Andrew PETERSON (Sallerup, Sweden) and his wife, Elna Jonsdatter KOLRUD (Sallerup, Sweden). These people may be Baptist immigrants to Chisago with Andrew and Eric Norelius.

DOYLE, MURRAY posted by Traycey Ebert on Tuesday, August 19, 1997
Email: invalid email 8 Aug 2015

I am looking for information on my ggrandmother and gggrandparents. My ggrandmothers name was Ellen Agnis MURRAY born January 11,1892 in Rush City. Her parents names were Elizabeth DOYLE and James Murray and I only know they were married in Rush City. Any information would be great.

GARDNER, SWANSON posted by Joanne Burkhart on Friday, September 12, 1997
Email: dburkhrt@ix.netcom.com

Looking for information on the following family- James GARDNER, Beda SWANSON, their children Emanuel, Laura and Florence also Ruth GARDNER. They lived in the Stacy or North Branch area around 1913. Any clues in how I am related to them would be most appreciated.

GUMMERSON, PEHRSSON, TUVEY posted by Dale Tuvey on Monday, September 1, 1997
Email: tuvey@whidbey.com

I am looking for information on the PEHRSSON family(ies) who lived near Lindstrom and Center City beginning in 1853, specifically Tufve Pehrsson and Nels Pehrsson. Also looking for information on Magnus GUMMERSON who lived in the area at the same time. I am particularly interested in Tufve Pehrsson's children Jons, Kerstin, Hanna or Johanna, and Christine. I am not sure of the last name that any of them may have taken. They may have taken the name of Pehrsson (or some variant) or Tuvey. There are other children (one of whom is my great-grandfather) that took the name TUVEY, but at least one child did retain the name of Pehrsson. I have no idea about any married names that the girls may have had.

JOHNSON posted by Brenda Shoemaker on Thursday, November 14, 1996
Email: bshoemkr@ptialaska.net

My great grandmother, Caroline JOHNSON, immigrated to Minnesota from Kuramola, Sweden back in the spring of 1877. In her obituary, it states that she settled at Spring Lake (North Branch), Minn. I cannot find anyplace that says Spring Lake so I just assumed that North Branch is a more current name? Can anyone from North Branch, Minn. help me out with this? I would like to start a paper trail on her naturalization records but would like to settle this info about "Spring Lake". Any help out there from any Minnesotan geography buffs?

JOHNSON, SAUSEN posted by Dennis Cochrane on Tuesday, April 15, 1997
Email: 73651,2566@CompuServe.Com

I am a great-great-grandson of: (Peter) Joseph SAUSEN 1825-1890, settled in Wyoming Minnesota as well as John Magnus JOHNSON 1833-1868, settled in Chisago Co., Minnesota I would be interested in hearing from relatives.

KINNEY posted by Greg Kinney on Friday, July 25, 1997
Email: Greg_Kinney@bc.sympatico.ca

Hello, I am looking for information on my grandfather Stephen(Steven) Edward KINNEY who was born in the late 1890's or early 1900's. He was born in Rush City. I also need information on who his mother and father were. No one in my family has this information. The only thing I do now is that Stephen served in the merchant marine in the First World War. Anybody who can help me out, I would be forever grateful too, trying to trace family roots. Thank you to anyone who can help point me in the right direction.

LOVGREN posted by Margaret on Thursday, June 19, 1997
Email: invalid email 8 Aug 2015

Searching for information on Arvid Oscar Lovgren born about 1889 in Chisago City, Minnesota. Can anyone give me any info on LOVGREN family?

LYONS posted by Roy Taylor on Sunday, July 13, 1997
Email: RoystonTaylor@compuserve.com

Hello, I am trying to trace information about my Great Grandfather Adam LYONS who emigrated from England to America in 1856 and started life in Minneapolis & St Pauls, Minnesota. He was a physician & surgeon. This is what I found on the 1900 census: Village of Harris, Chisago Co, Minnesota Lyons, Adam b. Mar 1859 age-31 (this is what the census says but he must have been 41 or born 10 years later) He had been married for 8 yrs. He was born in England as was his mother and father. He immigrated in 1887 and had been in the U.S. for 13 yrs and was naturalized. He lists his occupation as physician and surgeon and owned his home. Lyons, Zaidee, his wife, b. Dec. 1869 age 30. Also married 8 yrs and has had 2 children, both of them living. She was born in Iowa, her father b. in New York and her mother b. in Ohio. Lyons, Ethel, daughter, b. Aug. 1896 age 3. She was b. in MN, her father in England and her mother in Iowa. Lyons, Harold, son, b. Mar 1900 age 4 months. He was b. in MN, his father in England and his mother in Iowa. The name Zaidee is one I haven't heard before but I noticed much of the population of Harris was Swedish. I looked for anyone else that may have been born in Iowa with parents from New York and Ohio but didn't find anyone. If anyone were able to help me it would be much appreciated.

MCKAY posted by Don Beeler on Saturday, April 5, 1997
Email: mdbeeler@aol.com

Seeking information on William MCKAY, B. 1822 in Caithness, Scotland; m. Jessie Ferguson in Nova Scotia. About 1882 moved to Pine City- Rush City- Hinkley area where he probably lived with one of his sons; John, Donald, William, Alexander, Hugh.

SHAFER posted by Patricia Minton Bettis on Saturday, April 5, 1997
Email: pbettis@softdisk.com

SHAFER family. Researching ancestors of Seth Warren SHAFER who married Leah Green Hicok in 1800s. Children, Hiram, Guy, Hugh and Joy were born in Minnesota before the family came to Oklahoma territory about 1808. Do any of you know who the town of Shafer was named for?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

SMITH posted by Debbie Allen on Sunday, November 16, 1997
Email: ZackJosh@aol.com

Matthias born 1833 Sweden

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